A Creative Mess

A Creative Mess

There’s no way around it. When I’m designing Assemblage Wall Art, things on my worktable are a mess. It’s an organized mess but I’m sure there are those who would argue that it just looks messy.

This art form requires not just one palette knife but several – same with tweezers, palettes, paint brushes of varying sizes and types, and the tools of the trade – wire cutters, measuring tape, metal cutters, scissors (at least two depending on purpose), bottle sprayer, box cutter, level, adhesives (definitely more than one), dimensional paste, and paint – not just a blue, yellow, green, red and so on but sets of paint – one metallic – one brighter – one or two your usual paint choice – and another that reflects light differently depending on position. And that’s only the beginning!

My husband built this worktable with shelving for me 27 years ago. It’s seen a lot of use. I now have three worktables in my studio but this is by far my favorite.

Then you have your canvas and your design elements. I must have choices as I design. So, that means lots of little pieces laying out to inspire me as I choose each addition. And then, metal paint and metallic waxes in case I want to age or highlight a particular piece.

And then there are the special lights, craft mat, jars for water, wet wipes, paper towels – well, you get the picture.

And I savor it all. This is MY place – my space for creating – my place to escape – my world.

Happy Creating!


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