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Month: October 2018

Mixed Media Collage with a Steampunk Vibe

Mixed Media Collage with a Steampunk Vibe

On a creative roll, I’m spending even more time in my art studio adding new artwork or readying larger pieces for introduction at a later date. As I surveyed my inventory, I realized I was low on steampunk works and added this 7″ x 5″ 3D collage – an unusual size for me.

I introduced a new process to my work with this art piece – a sculpturing paste fortified with toilet paper – you heard that right! It’s a technique I learned from Maria Grossbaum-Fondler – better known as Abyssimo – in her online classes (there is a cost). This is only the beginning of what can be accomplished with her unique art methods. I have only the greatest respect for Maria – her work is absolutely beautiful.

And now for the particulars…

Steampunk remains big and here’s my latest – fresh from my art studio. I love building a piece of art utilizing the industrial and Victorian aspects of this fascinating science fantasy sub-genre.

On a 7″ x 5″ stretched canvas, the depth of this piece is 1.0″. The background has multiple coats of paint, spritzes, and wax over a sculpted background. Fabric and then embellishments are added and finished off with spritzes of paint.

Embellishments include clock face, gears, wings, cloth, beads, and a vintage hors d’oeuvre fork.

Dimensions: 7.0″ x 5.0 x 1.0″


Available for purchase at Etsy

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this is ready for framing. This piece will also display nicely on an easel.

All art sold at Art Creations by Vicky is the work of artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.

Moon Art – A Favorite

Moon Art – A Favorite

Observations – my first moon canvas – is the best selling mini canvas at Art Creations by Vicky.

Staring at a full moon is a favorite past time, especially when I’m at our cabin where there is little artificial light and lots of space to just gaze at the sky. I find it simply fascinating and calming at the same time. The moon’s surfaces provide my imagination with all sorts of possibilities for facial expressions. What emotion is the moon feeling tonight? Is it laughing? Is it watchful? Or is it just contemplating space as I’m contemplating the moon?

Thus my love of Moon Art – I consider it all out fun. When those faces I see in the moon are transferred to 3D wall art, I can hardly resist buying if I spy one while shopping. Of course, that means I must create 3D moon wall art myself.

Discoveries – a newer moon canvas – is making itself known at Art Creations by Vicky.

Offered at my Etsy shop are a number of 3 and 4 inch 3D mini canvases that I create upon request. These canvases are steady sellers and the two 4 inch canvases featuring fanciful moons are the best sellers. The Observations moon is the number one mini canvas seller while the newer Discoveries moon is making itself known in resales.

Observations Moon – available at Etsy  $44.95

Discoveries Moon – available at Etsy    $49.95

I’m adding new moons to my line of mini canvases as I’m sensing a trend toward displaying the moons together either as wall hangings or on small easels. I’ll be introducing my latest very soon.

Hope you are taking the time occasionally to just watch the moon and enjoy the simple pleasure of it all.


The Gray Lady – A Romantic Take on Assemblage

The Gray Lady – A Romantic Take on Assemblage

Hidden away in my art studio, I’ve been busily learning new techniques for my second art line. It’s kept me from the mainstream somewhat and I was surprised to find this new piece – The Gray Lady – had been hanging on my studio wall for weeks just waiting to be listed. (!) The newer line will feature larger works and all handmade embellishments and I’m excited about it. Yet, I still love this line best – my Found Object Assemblage Collages. I’m still busy creating found object art as well as my newer line.

Now for the official Gray Lady listing…

The gray lady – an old metal cameo of sorts I discovered at an estate sale.

When I found this old metal cameo at an estate sale recently, I knew she deserved to star in her own Assemblage wall collage. I realized I had all sorts of vintage items to surround her and decided on a gray/silver background highlighted with a light purple. It has an overall romantic feel with a touch of Victorian and steampunk elements as well.

Measuring 14″ x 11″, the canvas is gallery wrapped and its textured background is built from multiple coats and spritzes of paint and waxes over several stencil designs utilizing dimensional paste. A layer of fabric further enhances this intricate background.

An old round knob (see the arrow on it?) once had some sort of mechanical use. I love to include all sorts of found items in my artwork.

Just what is Assemblage? It’s the creation of a larger art piece from smaller objects. Best described as a 3D collage on canvas, my assemblage art pieces contain numerous vintage “found objects” as well as newer embellishments. This Assemblage collage contains around 110 found objects or newer elements.

Here those vintage found objects include brooches, cameo, chandelier piece, knob, earring, hors-d’oeuvres fork, imitation coins, assorted beads and buttons, mechanical element, beaded necklace, chain, necklace link, flowers, crocheted doily, toy piece, and large brass button.

Newer elements include the brick tie, tree bark, cabochons, metal branch, juggler’s pin, wings, chess horse, and assorted hearts, beads, and leaves.

Picture wire is attached to the canvas for ease in hanging. Although this piece is ready for framing, its gallery wrapped canvas measures 1.5″ in depth and that’s just for the canvas. This type of canvas is usually displayed “as is”. Overall depth with embellishments is 2.50″.

Dimensions: 14.0″ x 11.0 x 2.50″


Available for purchase at Etsy

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley.