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Month: January 2019

Old Clocks – Creative Treasures

Old Clocks – Creative Treasures

A dozen old clocks well past their prime equal an Assemblage artist treasure trove. Last week, my junking buddy, Liz, and I discovered one heck of an estate sale (well, she discovered – I eagerly accompanied her). The sale was actually just around the corner from me and hit my “impressive sale” meter. Upon entering, it appeared to be a beautiful estate sale and then you reach the bedrooms and the garage… holy moly – clocks everywhere! Old clocks – clock parts – clock faces – clock hands – sitting in boxes everywhere. I’m estimating at least 200 really old beyond-their-prime clocks.

Since an old alarm clock is a wonderful thing to behold when disassembled, I saw tons of assemblage art potential everywhere I looked. And affordable!

Just a few treasures from the inside of a clock.

My main consideration when choosing my batch of clocks was the face. I wanted old worn faces – they make the very best focal points for the 3D collages I create and call Assemblage Art.

And then inside the case! More treasure in the form of gears, springs, and other mechanical pieces that will work perfectly in a 3D collage.

You find the best assemblage pieces in the most unlikely places. As you are wandering a flea market or estate sale, imagine how that everyday item could work… disassembled in many pieces.

Wishing you creative adventures!


Three New Mini Canvases

Three New Mini Canvases

January is proving to be a busy time in my art studio. Primarily I’m turning out larger canvases for my second art line I’m introducing in March. But I can’t stay away from my original found object art so another area of the studio is dedicated to creating the assemblage wall art that you have seen from me for years.

Within the last week, I’ve listed three new mini canvases – all measuring 4″ x 4″ – at my Etsy shop. Below you will find links to a full description of each.

Fairy Tale Discoveries

Looking as though it stepped from a fairy tale, this dreamy version of a deer appearing from a vine-filled forest is part of my Mini Assemblage Art on Canvas line. Its word tag, Discoveries, refers to that which we have yet to see and learn. 


Full Details

Purchase at Etsy 

A Raven on a Heart – Imaginings

When I create, I do so with symbolism in mind. I’ve used several here starting with the bird that symbolizes freedom and perspective sitting atop a heart which tells us of deep and stable love. The word tag adds imagination – our capacity for creative expression – with, “Possibility begins with imagination.”


Full Details

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Mystically Authentic

Named “Mystically Authentic”, this taste of 3D wall art is part of my Mini Assemblage Art on Canvas line. It’s an original 3D collage measuring 4″ x 4″ x 1.25″. Before painting with blues and greens, the entire canvas was textured with a climbing rose dimensional paste pattern. 

The building that forms the focal point is actually a vintage chess piece that has been cut in half to allow attachment to the canvas. Other items used to form this design include several metal filigrees, word tag, and a charm. 


Full Details

Purchase at Etsy

Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, you can live creatively. I encourage you to do so!


A Whimsical Blue

A Whimsical Blue

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Blue – done just right! This 3D collage leans toward a more traditional assemblage art look with a splash of steampunk and a good dose of whimsical. 

The quote charm sets the mood with a favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland, “…sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” The whimsey continues with a Leaning Tower of Pisa (which is actually half of a vintage chess piece) and a winged heart.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower2-copy.jpg
The details – notice the Leaning Tower of Pisa? It’s a vintage chess piece. See the colorful tiny flowers lower center? That part of a vintage bracelet. And that lower right round rhinestone design? It’s part of a vintage necklace.

On a 12.0″ x 9.0″ gallery wrapped canvas, the depth of this piece is 2.50″. The background has multiple coats and spritzes of paint with stenciled textured designs. Multiple layers of embellishments are then added to complete this 3D collage. 

Look closely and you will see approximately 80 embellishments – both vintage and new. There are around 30 vintage elements which include the Tower of Pisa, necklace section, four types of bracelet links, buttons, beaded leaf, a length of a faux alligator watch band, 1980s jewelry makings, earring, metal flowers, wreath, and a portion of a beaded collar.

Newer embellishments include cabochons, various metal leaves, beads, buttons, frame, several filigreed designs, and winged heart. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower4-copy.jpg
Three dimensional… how I love it!

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this is ready for framing. This piece will also display nicely on a large table easel.

Dimensions: 12.0″ x 9.0″ x 2.50″


Available for purchase at my Etsy shop.

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.

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Turning the artwork to the right, you start to see the three dimensional aspect.
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A quote from Alice in Wonderland
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower6-copy.jpg
And turning it to the left…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower7-copy.jpg
Notice the vintage metal flower – painted to compliment the pitheece’s color scheme
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower8-copy.jpg
The upper wreath is a vintage brooch. Originally it was black but I brightened it up a bit with medium dark silver.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower9-copy.jpg
A closer look at that vintage wreath brooch

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluetower10-copy.jpg
I absolutely love this blue background with hints of purple!
What Inspires…

What Inspires…

Along with art, I’ve decided to start posting things that inspire the art. Let’s start with a worn but well-used birdhouse at the cabin. What a beautiful winter day it was for photography!

2018 – A Year of Creating

2018 – A Year of Creating

Three 2018 Sales – Three Clocks, The Lovely Blues, and Curiouser and Curiouser

Looking back on 2018, I see delight, discoveries, triumph, growth, and creativeness. A sense of wonder fills me as I take a deeper look at all that has occurred – age allows reflection and deeper understanding – all with a sense of awe and gratitude.

My sister shared her word for 2019 on Facebook recently, spurring others to share theirs as well. Hers was delight – a perfect word for a sister who is always stretching and personally moving into new endeavors – new hobbies – new relationships.

It took me only a few minutes to decide on my word for 2019 – WONDER. I’m in a stage of life where I’m exploring things more deeply and I’m fascinated with what I discover.

Bird on a Branch and A Lady’s Moon – Sold in 2018

My Assemblage Art will be taking a new turn in 2019. Creating found object collages will remain my main line; each resembles a puzzle as it slowly reveals its final form and I find that sheer fun. My larger line of Assemblage Art will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019. I’ll probably refer to it more as 3D Collage to put a slightly different spin on these larger art pieces.

I continue to learn new processes – the end of 2018 was filled with learning at least a half dozen new techniques. I’ll be implementing much of it in my larger art line.

I’ll soon be teaching my first Assemblage Art class in Tulsa. Let me know if you are interested. I simply love teaching others about art.

Wings Surround Me, Tree of Hearts, and Found Objects Galore – all 2018 sales

AND, the grandest happening of all planned for 2019? I’ve enrolled in TWO classes in Eureka Springs School of the Arts. I have eagerly awaited the chance to participate in this school. In July, I’ll be attending a 5 day Papier-Mache course – can’t wait! And in August, I’ll return for a 4 day Polymer Clay Mosaics class – anticipation is great! You’ll be hearing more about these events as the year progresses.

Now for a brief look back at some of my SOLD artworks from 2018. Looking back, I see I sold more than I recalled so I won’t be listing all of the sold work – rather just a taste. You’ll find these works sprinkled throughout this post and beneath.

Top – A Collage of Found Objects, left Elegance with a Touch of Steampunk, right Industrial Steampunk with a Bit of Heart
Left to right: Heart of Spring, A Vertical Pair, and The Long and Narrow Collage
Left to right: Heart Hill, Imagination, and A Raven’s Dream

2019 promises to be a year of immense creativeness! My hope is that you will find even more ways to be creative in the coming year.