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Month: February 2018

Time Tells – A Clock Collage

Time Tells – A Clock Collage

Finally – a sunny day yesterday! I pulled out the camera and set up my little photo shop on my front porch – the perfect spot for photography… when the sun shines just so.  I had several new art creations waiting for just such a day. This is the first of that group – a collage of time. I’ll have the other two listed by the end of the day.

In Time Tells, you’ll find four clock faces and even a sun dial. It’s a bit steampunk but probably falls more into eccentric traditional assemblage art. How’s that for a categorization?!

Now for the official stuff…

Clock Collage – Found Object Art

This original steampunk work of art is 3D assemblage canvas art at its best with a background comprised of multiple coats and spritzes of paint over stenciled textured designs that is then finished off with a metallique wax. Measuring 16″ x 8″, this artwork tells the story of time with four clocks and a sundial sprinkled across the canvas.

I love to include many tiny details in my assemblage artwork – not only adhering dozens of pieces onto the canvas but carefully painting and aging many of those items one by one. This piece includes around 85 embellishments plus dozens of metal beads.

Many of those embellishments are vintage found objects including assorted metal disks, bracelet links, adding machine key, various necklace links, earrings, 1980s jewelry makings, imitation coins, watch face, and a beaded necklace.

Newer elements include a multi-diamond shape, clocks, cabochons, vial, art deco embellishment, bird head, gears, large beads, wings, mortar tie, belt buckle, square metals, chess knight, wings, sundial, buttons, and other various metal embellishments.

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this Assemblage Art piece is ready for framing. It will also display nicely on an easel.

Dimensions: 16.0″ x 8.0″ x 1.25″


Available for purchase at my Etsy Shop

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley.

Just What Is Assemblage?

Just What Is Assemblage?

Just what is Assemblage? It’s a question I often receive so let’s start with an official definition:

assemblage – an artistic form or medium usually created on a defined substrate (canvas) that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate (canvas). It is similar to collage, a two-dimensional medium… it typically uses found objects but is not limited to these materials.   Wikipedia

Now let’s look at how I incorporate Assemblage into my artwork so that it defines my end product. I create assemblage art on canvases (the substrate). Therefore, you will see my art described as Assemblage Art on Canvas or Assemblage Canvas for short.

It starts with a canvas that is first textured, painted, spritzed, textured yet again with more paint and then more spritz. I repeat as needed. Gradually I start adding Found Objects – embellishments that vary in size and impact. Many of these items are vintage pieces I’ve found while searching out flea markets and such or, even better, bits of a larger piece. Some embellishments, such as beads or charms, may be from a new supply. I keep layering these objects, painting again, spritzing again until I’m satisfied with the end project. I never know exactly what I’ll end up with – it’s all part of the creative process and guarantees that each work is “one of a kind”.



A Romantic Take on Three Dimensional Wall Art

A Romantic Take on Three Dimensional Wall Art

Wanting to create something romantic – you know lots of flowers with a heart as the focal point – I started gathering a pile of embellishments from around my art studio. I didn’t know what would end up in the final art piece. I just knew I wanted to create a romantic feel that would resemble the front of a greeting card… in a most unusual way.

And although this isn’t specifically for Valentine’s Day, it does set the mood for that holiday which is fast approaching. It’s year round home decor with a rich color scheme that sort of takes my breath away!

And now for the official description…

Heart Hill

The richness of color shows best in these side shots.

At the start of this Assemblage creation, I knew two things – the basic color scheme of turquoise, green, and purple (which evolved) and that I wanted a more romantic piece this time around. And then I started building to see where it would go and now find myself in love with the end product! I’m calling it Heart Hill as the focal point brings this piece to 2.0″ in depth which gives this 10.0″ x 8.0″ canvas a highly defined 3D feel with multiple layers of embellishments.

Texture takes a starring role in this Assemblage Canvas piece with a background built first from multiple coats and spritzes of paint and waxes that were then layered with several stencil designs utilizing dimensional paste, burlap, and antique lace.

Just what is Assemblage? It’s the creation of a larger art piece from smaller objects. Best described as a 3D collage on canvas, my assemblage art pieces contain numerous vintage “found objects” as well as newer embellishments. This Assemblage Canvas contains around 75 found objects or newer elements.

Here those vintage found objects include the antique lace, necklace pieces, buttons, 1980s jewelry makings, hanging plastic crystal, porcelain rose, wooden leaf, and papier-mache bead.

Newer elements include patched heart, filigreed metal round and leaf, paper roses, various metal leaves, beads, cabochons, styrofoam ball, bark, decorative beads, metal flower, word charm, metal branches, and wooden round.

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this Assemblage Art piece is ready for framing. It will also display nicely on an easel.

Dimensions: 10.0″ x 8.0″ x 2.0″


All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiouser and Curiouser

Finding a quote charm with a line from Alice in Wonderland, I was inspired to create a work even more whimsical than my usual fare. I started with a steampunk vibe and ended with a Alice in Steampunk Wonderland feel. It’s a combination I plan to explore more in future artworks as the thought of blending the two rather captivates me and my imagination goes wild!

And now for the official artsy talk…

Curiouser and Curiouser

Steampunk Assemblage Art… with a touch of Alice in Wonderland. My steampunk version of Assemblage Art features the industrial and Victorian aspects of this engrossing science fantasy sub-genre leading to some rather fascinating collages. This time I’ve added a bit of whimsey with the word tag “Curiouser and Curiouser” from the famous tale. Look closely and you will see approximately 100 embellishments – both vintage and new – as well as dozens of metal beads.

On a 14.0″ x 11.0″ stretched canvas, the depth of this piece is 1.75″. The background has multiple coats and spritzes of paint with stenciled textured designs, hundreds of tiny beads, and rust paste providing additional dimension. Multiple layers of embellishments are then added to complete this 3D collage.

Vintage elements include coin charms, adding machine keys, chess knight bracelet link, bits of two beaded purses, jello mold, 2 types of chain, pill bottle, speaker, lock, various metal mechanisms, buttons, numerous 1980s jewelry makings, bracelet leaves, and beads.

Newer pieces complete this pure steampunk look with items such as gears, clock face, mortar tie, metal flowers, bottle cap, rabbit head, tin heart, winged heart, cabochons, word tag “Curiouser and Curiouser”, watch buckle, gnome face, frame, miniature chess piece, flower face, juggling pin, binoculars, grapes, leaves, bolt head, wood rings, metal bell, wood half round, buttons, and metal beads.

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this is ready for framing. This piece will also display nicely on a large table easel.

Dimensions: 14.0″ x 11.0″ x 1.75″


Available for purchase at my Etsy Shop

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.