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Month: August 2018

Color Meets 3D Collage

Color Meets 3D Collage

This time around, I wanted intense color so I turned to Art Alchemy’s Impasto paints. The colors blend wonderfully even while remaining distinct yet they don’t shout “loud”. The challenge for me here was the central focal point which I rarely feature. I’m an asymmetrical sort of gal and “center” comes too close to a symmetrical design for me to start creating easily. I had to convince myself that I COULD create a balanced design without feeling the need to match elements equally on each side. In the end, I’m excited about the final design and don’t feel the need to avoid those central focal points in the future quite so much.

Now for the official talk…

Colorful Collage

Featuring a mixture of gorgeous yet intense colors, the overall effect of this latest Assemblage Collage is that of subtle beauty. I chose a variety of silver and bronze shades for accenting and I’m so pleased with the result.

Looking for the vintage – do you see the overturned jewelry dish, the bits of a pearl purse, the pieces of a rose resin frame, the beaded flowers, and the ancient building (which is actually a chess piece)?

This 14.0″ x 14.0″ 3D collage has a background built with multiple coats and spritzes of paint and waxes over several stenciled designs utilizing dimensional paste on a gallery wrapped canvas. Its depth is 3.0″.

Just what is assemblage? It’s the creation of a larger art piece from smaller objects. Best described as a 3D collage on canvas, my assemblage art pieces contain numerous vintage “found objects” as well as newer embellishments.

And the embellishments! It contains more than 200 elements. Here those vintage items include chain, beaded necklace, belt section, portions of a faux beaded purse, beaded flowers, patterned glass, bracelet links, pieces of beaded wall art, metal beads, plastic jewelry dish, chess piece (building), various frame portions, buttons, beaded leaves, antique crocheted lace, resin fragment, 1980s jewelry makings, faux coins, and various mechanisms.

Newer elements include metal embellishments – tree, leaves, shield, gears, flowers, and various filigreed designs, pendant, smaller leaves, hearts, a variety of beads, mermaid’s tail, cabochons, buttons, berrie, and large filigreed round.

Picture wire is attached to the canvas for ease in hanging. Although this piece is ready for framing, its gallery wrapped canvas measures 1.5″ in depth and that’s just for the canvas. This type of canvas is usually displayed “as is”. Overall depth with embellishments is 3.0″.

Dimensions: 14.0″ x 14.0″ x 3.0″


Available for purchase at Etsy

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley.

Collage Art – a Vertical Pair

Collage Art – a Vertical Pair

Vertical – that’s the word in my mind today. Vertical art pieces give us rest from typical sizes of wall art. Here I placed two 7″ x 5″ canvases together to form one continuous long statement of beauty. On gallery wrapped canvases, the side glances are even more interesting as you notice the depth – it’s 1.5″ rather than the usual .75″.

And now for the official description from the page dedicated to today’s artwork…

Collage Art – a Vertical Pair

Vertical Assemblage Collages sell well here at Art Creations by Vicky. It’s a shape that fits nicely in a variety of wall spaces. This time, I split the vertical into two canvases – where one leaves off, the second continues the design.

On gallery wrapped canvases, I blended a lighter blue with turquoise for a background that is textured with stenciled modeling paste and finished off with a number of paints, spritzes, and metallic waxes. Embellishments are adhered to the canvas to form a three-dimensional design.

Look closely for the vintage items – do you see the sections of the pearl purse or the picture frame or the beaded leaves or the various bracelet links?

You’ll find around 80 embellishments in this pair of Assemblage Collages. Many of those are actually vintage found objects including pieces of a faux pearl purse, beaded leaves, various bracelet links or lengths, a cupped bezel, earring, buttons, belt buckle, 1980s jewelry makings, piece of a brooch, beads, and partial frame.

Newer elements include shield, star, mini leaves, cabochons, berries, filigreed metal, face, flowers, metal bead, larger metal leaves, button, plaster flower, and burlap. The polymer clay columns that form the center of the design were fashioned by yours truly.

Each canvas measures 7.0″ x 5.0″ giving the set total dimensions (with a 1″ space between the two) of 15.0″ by 5.0″ with a depth of 2.25″. Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look for gallery wrapped canvases, this assemblage art pair is ready for framing.


Available for purchase at Etsy

Dimensions when hung together as suggested: 15.0″ x 5.0″ Depth 2.25″

All art sold at Art Creations by Vicky is the work of artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.









I’m listing one more artwork today to make three new listings in a week (and a day)! Now that the creative vibe is moving strongly forward in my studio again, the new artwork is starting to fill the empty spaces on my walls.

Enjoy your art – whether you are an admirer or creator!


My Very First Art SALE

My Very First Art SALE

Sales haven’t been something I’ve considered offering before. And I doubt you will ever see an art sale here that is an across-the-board discount on all art pieces as they are simply too intricate and labor intensive for overall discounting.

However, it’s time to clear my studio walls of some older art pieces and I’m offering amazing discounts on five listings with savings averaging over 50% off the original price. For the most part, they represent an earlier stage of my work and, although they aren’t in the exact vein that I’m now creating, they remain beautiful wall decor. 

Here are the deals:


3D Roses on Canvas








$39.95 – was $69.95

Available at Etsy








Forest Nymph

$59.95 – was $149.95

Available at Etsy








Hamsa Hand

$19.95 – was $29.95

Available at Etsy









3D Bird Art

$19.95 – was $39.95

Available at Etsy












I have two more new listings in draft status over at Etsy. I’ll be listing over the next two days.

Enjoy your art whether you are the creator or the admirer!


3D Collage Wall Art – My Way

3D Collage Wall Art – My Way

I’ll be listing three larger works this week. I’ve been so busy creating that I’ve conveniently looked over the fact that each must be listed. And listing takes time, especially when each is one of a kind and detailed. So, I’m curbing my art studio time the next few days to sit at my laptop more than usual and create in another whole way – creating enthusiasm in others for my style of wall art. Once I’m in the middle of it, I enjoy the written technical side of it all but it’s just so much easier to head straight for my art studio right after breakfast!

I finished this artwork around four weeks ago. 0.0  At that time, I didn’t even think autumn colors – it was the middle of summer after all. Now, I not only see year round wall decor but it reminds me that my favorite season – FALL – is just around the corner!

Now for the official talk…

3D Collage Wall Art

Shades of bronze, copper, and a touch of red give this Assemblage Collage a warm yet vibrant feel. On a gallery wrapped canvas, it’s full of found objects, many of which are vintage pieces I found at estate sales or flea markets. This particular artwork contains around 80 of these vintage or new embellishments. They sit on a deeply textured background fashioned with stenciled dimensional paste. It’s further enhanced with metallique and antique waxes and spritzes of paint.

Vintage objects in this picture include the ash tray (can you find it?), watch face, stained glass, beaded necklace pieces, earring, buttons, 3D metal flower, and chess piece (in the form of an ancient building)

The vintage found objects contained within include sections of three different bracelets, stained glass, ash tray, belt link, bits of several necklaces, beads, brooch, chain, buttons, chess piece (ancient building), watch face, lamp tear drop, rhinestone earring, metal flower, and metal mechanism.

The newer elements include: a branch, flower, sun, cabochons, patterned beads, buttons, leaves, gears, heart, metal diamonds, bird, large glass red strip beads, filigreed metal, eye, wood squares, berries, other metal embellishments, Celtic heart, and acorn. There is also a scripted piece of polymer clay crafted by yours truly.

Embellishments are layered one upon another to allow further definition and dimension.

On a 14.0″ x 11.0″ stretched gallery wrapped canvas, the depth of this piece is 2.50″. Hangers are attached.

Dimensions: 14.0″ x 11.0 x 2.50″


Available for purchase at Etsy

All Assemblage Art pieces sold at Art Creations by Vicky are original works from artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.









Editor’s Note: After publication, the price was changed from $129.00 to $139.00 as there was an error in calculating the price. My apologies.

Three Clocks – A Move into Larger Works

Three Clocks – A Move into Larger Works

In late spring, I was commissioned to create a larger form of one of my earlier sold works. Although 24″ x 18″ isn’t that large when you consider the size of today’s wall art, it is for the Assemblage wall art I create. These pieces are created on canvas and the weight of the many attached elements must be considered when creating any work but especially a larger work.

So, my first challenge was proportion – I needed to use larger elements for a larger canvas to maintain the same look. And then – the weight. With this piece I used a gallery wrapped canvas which is stronger and holds more weight if you purchase a better quality line. It also is 1.5″ deep compared to the usual .75″ depth of the more affordable canvases. That depth also gives it more of an Art Gallery feel.

The three clocks made from vintage found objects, polymer clay, and a few newer elements

My first week dedicated to this work was used finding the right larger elements and recreating the three clocks in the smaller work on a larger scale. This work had more than three times the surface of the smaller work as well and a number of the smaller elements on the original work were too small for the larger canvas. They would have been lost. And the weight was always on my mind. One of the three clocks I created from found objects, in the end, didn’t pass the weight test. A fourth clock was created and that was my process as I slowly gathered the needed elements to fill this size of canvas.

I was thrilled with the end product. Not only did I produce exactly the canvas I envisioned, I took two large steps in my overall design. I no longer fear the restrictions larger Assemblage wall art presents. I love the challenge of creating out of the box and plan on creating even larger wall art. Plans are firmly underway for a second art line featuring large wall art even as a write this. These pieces will contain a larger ratio of handmade elements and feature only vintage found objects. Also, those gallery wrapped canvases? Soon, nearly every work I produce – large or small will be on this type of canvas. I appreciate the professional air of the deeper canvases.

Of course, I will continue creating the smaller works – I love creating with dozens of embellishments! But I relish a challenge. More soon on that second art line.

Enjoy creating!