The Running of the Gourds Festival 2017

The Running of the Gourds Festival 2017

Last week I shared with you the tremendous time I had recently at Wuertz Gourd Farm’s festival in Arizona. I definitely plan on attending each year – not only is it a place for everything gourds but the classes for gourd artists are detailed and challenging with some of the best instructors around. Unfortunately I didn’t realize just how quickly one must sign up for these classes and I missed that aspect this year but I’m determined to be one of the first to register next year.

The Arizona Gourd Society’s Judged Show was part of the festival and it is that which I want to share with you today. These pieces are lovely and unusual and showcase gourd art in the best of ways. Forget thinking of gourds as a quick answer to a birdhouse or a rolling Santa – this is what gourd artistry is all about!

The People’s Choice Award – it gets my vote. Portions look like suede.


The fantasy section grabbed my attention and I didn’t want to move on.


Gourd masks don’t interest me all that much as a choice for creating but the entries were fascinating.


Another fantasy section – look closely and you’ll keep seeing more than you did at first glance.


Fiber Arts – weaving plays a large role in gourd art.



Mixed Media – varying techniques that each take an immense amount of practice and talent make these entries extra impressive.



On a moving turntable, it was hard to grab a photo of this magnificent work.


My first time seeing this technique. I don’t even know what to call it but I’d love to tackle it some day.


A mobile or a wind chime? I doubt gourd seeds rattle enough for a wind chime but that was my first thought while viewing.


The Novice Section – I was pleasantly surprised to see space dedicated to those just learning gourd art.


The award for color. I completely agree.


Embellishments – the buffalo was a show stopper.


Now don’t look too closely at my gourd work – I’m a work in progress! Fortunately for the newer gourd artist, a beautiful gourd can be created with just the basics. Including the more complicated procedures (that are completely new to you) before hours of practice can be problematic when you are looking to sell. All of that required practicing means we usually have a stash of practice gourds we keep completely hidden from the public’s eye. 🙂


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