Wings Surround Me

Wings Surround Me

The feel of deep blue without being dark – that was the idea lurking in my mind’s eye as I started preparing the background for this unusual taste of steampunk wall art. While steampunk elements can be found throughout the piece, I leaned towards creating a sense of overall beauty rather than the more functional feel of steampunk. Result – a beautiful Steampunk Assemblage Canvas!

I chose to mix deep blue and a lighter blue silver with bronze tones for a foundation textured with stenciled modeling paste, adding highlights of color as I layered elements (found objects) – both vintage and new. The “DISCOVERIES” word charm seemed to be the perfect finishing touch. It measures 14.0” x 11.0” x 1.375”.

This piece contains approximately 200 found objects plus hundreds of smaller and medium beads. Vintage found objects include: toy piece, beads, buttons, numerous jewelry makings, and 3D wood shapes. Newer items include: flower face, word band, bracelet links, raven, rabbit head, crown, Vitruvian man, leaves, cabochons, wings, winged heart, gears, chess piece, branch, hearts, hand, clock, and various metal embellishments.


Available for purchase at my Etsy shop.

Dimensions: 14″ x 11″ x 1.375″

Hangers are attached and, while I prefer the no-frame look, this is ready for framing. This piece will also display nicely on a large table easel.

All art sold at Art Creations by Vicky is the work of artist Vicky Hensley and one of a kind.